Respect for the environment is our main concern, both in the agricultural plan and the manufacture of cosmetics.

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Respect for the environment is our main concern since "Les Feixes de Cal Margarit", both on the agricultural plan and in the search and manufacture of all our cosmetic products.

We guarantee that:
- No dye or synthetic perfume is allowed. Without parabens.
- Environmentally friendly processing and processing processes are used, especially of the artisanal type.
- No ingredients of animal origin are specifically permitted for the manufacture of cosmetics. Except the provinces of the bees, propolis and honey.
- The final product and any of its ingredients are not tested on animals.
- No ingredients or processes involving the use of controversial technologies such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), nanotechnology or irradiation are allowed.
- It does not include raw materials, especially chemical compounds, on which there are doubts about its safety for the environment or the health of the people.

The guarantees and commitments of "Les Feixes de Cal Margarit" for their natural cosmetics and products are:
- Each cosmetic product is made with certified organic lavender essential oil produced from the 100% pure natural Margar Margar Cal. With unique qualities and aromas that give them the Pyrenees. Crops located at 1200 meters altitude.
- Each formulation gives priority to the richness of active natures with natural ingredients: essential oils, vegetable oils, oily extracts. The concentrations of the indicated vegetable extracts are not of marketing, these are effective and they translate the will to make an effective cosmetic product.

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